Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rumi Gives Advice on How to Change ~

This is how a human being can change:

there’s a worm addicted to eating
grape leaves.
                      Suddenly, he wakes up,
call it grace, whatever, something
wakes him, and he’s no longer
a worm.
                He’s the entire vineyard,
and the orchard too, the fruit, the trunks,
a growing wisdom and joy
that doesn’t need
to devour.    

                                  ~ Rumi

            It was years ago that I first read this poem and I loved it then.  Recently, I came across it again and it spoke to me in a whole new way.  On Monday 2/25/13 I felt to sit with it and meditate on its truth, and this came through:

The Self that I am is Expansive

Rumi reveals that we humans need not focus on how to change,
        but instead,
shift attention from addicted body to Abundant Self.
          That is what you are
                   And, it is found in now.

                           The true Self knows not of greed
                                  for it exists only as Wisdom and Joy.

~ Feast on Self~


On Wednesday 2/27/13 this:

The most profound change comes not through trying to effect change,
    but through Remembrance.

I am waking up to the Remembrance that I am not a worm,
          and never was a worm.

I am one with All That Is.
      In this Remembrance

I am full – full to over

 Tree of Abundance ~ Carol Cavalaris

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