Friday, October 11, 2013

ketogenic diet

Hello Friends,
I had to laugh as I came to post this on my blog and saw that the last post I posted was in June 2013, on "out with the carbs"!!!!!      Gotta do it!

I feel to share this post today because so many of my FB friends are dealing with similar issues like cancer and other ailments and have asked me what I am doing…. So here’s one post that tells you what I have found out so far.  That's the great thing about FB, one post can say it all.  ;)

Before I was diagnosed with brain tumors I felt that I was probably pre-diabetic and hypoglycemic, which I still think is somewhat in play.  So this time last year I was reading A LOT of books on the subject – which are basically low carb books.  I had read most of those years ago, and this time last year read the new crop of such books.   I was surprised to find A LOT  more info in regard to a ketogenic diets as being literally a cure for blood sugar problems, neurological and seizure disorders and even Alzheimer’s!   Did you know that “they” are now calling Alzheimer’s diabetes 3!!!

Processed carbs in the American diet are literally the culprit for many diseases and bodily problems.  Unfortunately for me, they are also my favorite foods! EGADS!

So for now: these days are over:  
 Not to mention that my mother recently told me that all her sisters are diabetic!!! 

So I’ve read a lot of books recently but the best ones are:

1) The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney

2) Ketogenic Diets: Treatments for epilepsy and other disorders by Dr. John Freeman and Eric Kosoff

3) The Cantin Ketogenic Diet for Cancer, Diabetes and other ailments by Elaine Cantin

Below are some websites:

-- last 4 links are to websites that have MANY excellent recipes~!    Definitely check out the Laura Dolson one, because I get emails from her several times a week that I save in an email folder because she arranges them in different topics, like breakfast ideas and stuff  like that. Sign up for her free newsletter.


Almost forgot this one: Her book, Primal body, Primal mind is good::

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